Gillian Fitness

“I cannot recommend Gillian enough as your best choice to reach your long term fitness goals. Gillian is a highly experienced, respected, and motivational personal trainer. She takes the time necessary to fully understand individual needs and develops the safest, most effective plans to achieve them.

Coaching you to not only achieve your goals, she will teach you the life changing skills that are essential to maintaining and improving higher levels of health and fitness. Gillian is constantly improving her own skills and fitness to ensure you have access to the most effective training methods available. Commit, work hard, put your trust in Gillian (yes…she is ALWAYS right), and you will be transformed.”

-Greg Haycox

I am grateful to have found Gillian for my introduction to fitness and health because I became educated on how to properly strengthen and care for my body…  knowledge I will have for my lifetime. Gillian's energy, education, experience and genuine interest in you motivates you to workout at your very best every time. Even with my unique physical challenges she was able to steadily push me to my goals with her constant attention to correct form, safety and her ability to get into my head! I was 158 lbs when I started and 135 when I ended. My goal was to be 145 but Gillian knew I could do better!

.--Chris Campbell

"I had always been inactive and overweight, but by the end of 2004, my size 14 and XL clothes were beyond tight and I knew I had to make some big changes. I started my first program with Gillian in January 2005. Gillian takes a very practical approach and works with you to ensure that she can provide a good balance of motivation, support and accountability. Working with her, I lost over 40 lbs in about 11 months, fitting comfortably into size 8! In that time, I developed an appreciation for what my body could do (there’s no “I can’t” with Gillian!), I also learned a lot about nutrition and the clear impact of my food on the scale. I learned not to beat myself up if I made poor choices, but to recommit myself to reaching my goals.
Since then, Gillian has guided me through two fit pregnancies, expertly tailoring my programs through all trimesters and quickly and safely getting me back to the gym post-partum. Today I weigh even less
than I did when I first reached my “goal” in November 2005, and I attribute that a lot to the strong base of information and support that I received while working with Gillian. Several times I catch myself thinking, “What would Gillian do?” and that goes beyond my workouts and food choices, extending to how I raise my children and participate in my community. Gillian is the best role model you could have and, although she would tell you that you make your own success, your success is that much more achievable in her capable hands!"

-- Karen McNaught

I have been training with Gillian for a little over 2 years and in that time, I have lost over 40 lbs and have become stronger, healthier and much fitter.  What I like about Gillian is her no nonsense approach to nutrition and fitness - no gimmicks, no mis-information, no useless trends -   Basically, work hard during training,  move more, eat well and less - Her extensive knowledge and experience  allows for that steady maintainable improvement in overall fitness - your routine is continually adjusted, changed and increased in difficulty to maximize your improvement.  I am confident that if you do what Gillian tells you, you will lose weight (if that is your goal) and improve your fitness and feel a WHOOOOOOOLELOT better!

Mirna Stewart - A very satisfied client
(contact information available upon request)

Working with Gillian on my fitness has been great. Her ability to motivate me with challenging and fun sessions while always stretching my abilities keeps me improving. She demonstrates the importance of varying the focus of my sessions and constantly mixes in exercises that I have not done before . The variety makes the workouts fun and the steady progress towards my goals keeps me wanting to keep it up. Gillian is able to push me to do things that I am convinced I cannot do but her encouragement and guidance makes me work far better than I could ever do on my own. The only thing that is repetitive about my workouts is that I usually arrive feeling tired and rushed and I always leave feeling energized and renewed.


September 2009 to February 2011 - LOST 80 POUNDS